All Barcodes Australia provides high-quality barcode products and services, with personal attention and in-depth, lifetime support. An Australian market leader since 1995.


As a proud supplier of quality products, we offer full manufacturer’s warranty with all scanning and printing equipment. These warranties may vary from product to product, but all warranty information is included in the Product Details of every item shown on this website.

Spare Parts & Accessories

We also carry a range of spare parts and accessories, which can be supplied without delay from our premises in Queensland. You will also find these listed in the Other Items & Accessories section of this website.

Operating Instructions

Although the manufacturer supplies instructions with each unit, ABA has produced separate, easy to follow operator guides developed through years of experience with users in schools, universities, libraries and industry. These can save valuable time in setting up, operating and basic fault finding.

Fault Diagnosis

Occasionally, equipment may fail or perform erratically. In this event, simple steps can usually be taken to identify if indeed a fault exists and if so, where the fault may lie. ABA offers support for the life of the product.